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NeuroGym® with John Assaraf brings the 4th annual Brain-A-Thon to your home, school or office. Through the NeuroGym® Live web stream, you are invited to watch this free online event about how to retrain your brain for financial succes.

‘Close the gap between the life you live and that you want to live!’
- John Assaraf


Everyone wants to earn more money, keep more of what they earn, and create a life filled with purpose and passion, yet very few people get to enjoy the 3 freedoms that are possible to attain with the right mindset and skillset. Time Freedom, Emotional Freedom and Choice Freedom.

Unfortunately, many smart people get stuck in a cycle of scarcity or even some level of security then find it very hard to break free and reach the next level of success and significance.

If you’re reading this, you probably know this is caused by some mental or emotional blocks hidden deep in your subconscious mind. Beliefs, habits and thinking traps keep you stuck at the point you’re at now, constantly achieving more of the same and never truly moving forward to reach the potential you know is there, but don’t fully know how to access and use.

Well, I’m there to tell you the truth: You CAN release these “blocks” and create an exceptional life for yourself and your family. You CAN improve you financial situation, and live the life you deserve — with a lot less stress. You CAN gain total control of your financial life and drive the results in every area of your life to new heights. YES! You CAN do all this, because…

frustrations and circumstances that keep you stuck at your current income and success levels
your brain to rescript and reshape your self-image and self-worth
build the perfect mindset you need to shatter your financial glass ceiling and create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of


Learn how to remove the mental and emotional blocks that have been holding you back.

Now, if you’ve struggled for a while, then that statement might make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. Perhaps you even don’t believe it’s true. And you’re allowed to be skeptical. In fact, it’s encouraged. But as tens of thousands of people have discovered, the science is undeniable. Brain training works.

And the research continues to flow in. Proven by research from universities like Harvard, Yale, UCLA and practical real-world evidence from tens of thousands of neuroscience studies every year. We now know, near certainty, that your brain can be trained to help you succeed faster and easier than ever before. And when it’s trained, you automatically begin to think and behave differently. And when you behave in a manner that’s more in alignment with your ultimate goals you can achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

*Individual results may vary


You will see, feel and understand a new level of control over you life and financial situations for the for years to come. You don't have to panic when bills come, or feel like you’re unworthy of earning more money, or struggle with wasting all your money impulsively. Retirement doesn't have to be be such a big, scary challenge anymore.

You will notice yourself making better decisions about money, and not allowing your emotions and old patterns to influence you in negative ways.

And, you will find that you understand more about how your brain works, so you can train it to be more in alignment with your ultimate lifestyle so you can live the lifestyle you deserve. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Of course the best part is, everything you will learn on the Brain-A-Thon is backed by real, peer-reviewed science. So this isn’t just a bunch of fluff with no real substance.

And you’ll be able to learn all this, for FREE!

Imagine what you could accomplish with no obstacles in your path...

Hosted by John Assaraf

John Assaraf
Founder of NeuroGym, two Time New York Times Best Selling Author and Creator of Innercise®:

For the last 30 years John has relied on the latest discoveries in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral psychology and technology to retrain his brain to greatly reduce feeling like he wasn’t smart or good enough to succeed in life. He’s built 5 multimillion dollar companies including Re/Max of Indiana to $4.5 Billion in yearly sales.

He believes that everyone has the ability, and deserves the opportunity to, totally love their life and fulfill their highest potential. Through NeuroGym, tens of thousands of individuals now retrain their brain by Innercising daily so they can achieve financial freedom and the life of their dreams.


Enter your name & email address to take part in the 4th Annual Brain-A-Thon, with John Assaraf and other top experts, doctors, and neuroscientists.


We value your privacy and would never spam you. Individual results may vary. Keep in mind: this is a worthwhile event featuring top experts who show you how the right mindset can help you be successful. It is NOT an offer of get-rich-quick schemes, work-from-home programs, multi-level-marketing opportunities, investment plans or other money-making opportunities. Those things have nothing to do with NeuroGym or what we stand for. See below for further details.

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I am so thankful that I have taken the day off to watch the whole program.

“All the people that have been on the Brain-A-Thon today have been absolutely incredible! I am so thankful that I have taken the day off to watch the whole program. Thank you so much for all that has been shared and taught here. So inspiring! Beautiful!”

Gail in Portland, OR

I am so grateful that I was present for this opportunity to have these great people give of themselves so unselfishly.

“I am saying an enormous thank you to everyone. I am so grateful that I was present for this opportunity to have these great people give of themselves so unselfishly. John, I did not know you before but I am so impressed and in awe of your love and commitment to help so many reach their highest potential and live fuller, free-er lives. You're making me tear up. Sending all that love right back to you. Thank you”


I can share, for me this recent Brain-A-Thon was / is an ongoing life changer. Education of this sort is paramount to take charge of your life and begin to design it with a personal knowing as you retrain your brain to new healthy consciously chosen patterns/ habits/ lifestyle choices. Default living is done! So many practices were offered to truly gain an understanding that anyone committed can shift to creating new positive programs for an improved life in all arenas.

KA Weygand

I have attended a Brain a Thon and I say that not only my life but I AM a whole new person: happier, less stressed, full of joy and gratitude! It's been only a couple of months , but I can clearly see things happening in my life. Closer and closer to my dreams and goals!

Fernanda Barletta

Attended this past Saturday and there was no way I was going to get talked out of signing on! Impressed with how much this program is in alignment with my spiritual practices and life values. So excited to be involved. Already experiencing amazing insights into "just what I need". Thanks to everyone involved in this community.

Paula Johnson

For the first time I feel that I am completely in control of my life and emotions. During the Brain-A-Thon I learned that my personal development (in every aspect) was blocked because of the patterns I had developed over the past. I knew from the Somatic Experiencing that traumas are saved in our cells. One of the many therapies I did in order to overcome the heavy mental abuse of my parents but every therapy was just a little baby step in improving of my overall situation. So I was aware of the fact that traumas can block your body but I did not know that the brain is affected. That was a very important information for me as it gave me so much hope that I found a way for a major improvement.

Franziska Seidl

I was truly inspired, and that's why I've joined several of the programs with John and always feel that my life is changing, and that my business has grown and prospered as a result. I have come to realize that all the issues I've had with being an entrepreneur, are the same as many others who have journeyed this same road with me, and although we've come from different places, and have different businesses, at the end of the day, getting results requires persistence, and a positive attitude, and lots and lots of support, all of which I am getting here in this program.

Aileen McKenna

*individual results may vary

During this life-changing event, you'll be guided through 5 powerful hours of presentations on a variety of topics:

How to Prime your Brain for Financial Success

Dr. Srini Pillay
Harvard M.D.

Dr. Pillay will show you the easiest ways to really believe in your dreams and overcome the mental and emotional obstacles that are holding you back from achieving the grandest most amazing life for yourself. Learn how to let go of your doubts, fears and excuses and take control of your life!

From Hopeless to
Financial Abundance

Sharon Pearson
The ‘Superpreneur’

Sharon wanted to kill herself because her life was ruled by stress, anxiety and negative patterns. She felt hopeless. However, she was able to overcome all that and build a remarkably successful coaching business in a short amount of time. She will share the exact techniques she used with you so you too can achieve financial abundance.

Change Your Brain,
Change Your Potential

Dr. Daniel Amen

The Washington Post called Dr. Amen the most popular psychiatrist in America and Sharecare named him the web’s #1 most influential expert and advocate on mental health. He’s here to show you how your brain health is central to all health and success. When your brain works right, he says, you work right; and when your brain is troubled you are much more likely to have trouble in your life.

Changing Your Money Story- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Dr. David Krueger
Executive Mentor Coach

Dr. Krueger, author of “The Secret Language Of Money” will show you how to apply the mind and brain sciences to understand the surface and shadow stories of a relationship with money to inform choices, map new possibilities, and navigate a journey of transformation of a money story.

Reduce Stress and
Worries About Money

Dr. Heidi Hanna

Dr. Heidi Hanna is CEO and founder of SYNERGY, an integrative neuroscience partnership that provides brain-based training for individuals and organizations. She’ll show you how to release stress patterns from your brain and break free from your old money stories.

*Individual results may vary

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