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‘Close the gap between the life you live and that you want to live!’
- John Assaraf


I am so thankful that I have taken the day off to watch the whole program.

“All the people that have been on the Brain-A-Thon today have been absolutely incredible! I am so thankful that I have taken the day off to watch the whole program. Thank you so much for all that has been shared and taught here. So inspiring! Beautiful!”

Gail in Portland, OR

I am so grateful that I was present for this opportunity to have these great people give of themselves so unselfishly.

“I am saying an enormous thank you to everyone. I am so grateful that I was present for this opportunity to have these great people give of themselves so unselfishly. John, I did not know you before but I am so impressed and in awe of your love and commitment to help so many reach their highest potential and live fuller, free-er lives. You're making me tear up. Sending all that love right back to you. Thank you”


I can share, for me this recent Brain-A-Thon was / is an ongoing life changer. Education of this sort is paramount to take charge of your life and begin to design it with a personal knowing as you retrain your brain to new healthy consciously chosen patterns/ habits/ lifestyle choices. Default living is done! So many practices were offered to truly gain an understanding that anyone committed can shift to creating new positive programs for an improved life in all arenas.

KA Weygand

I have attended a Brain a Thon and I say that not only my life but I AM a whole new person: happier, less stressed, full of joy and gratitude! It's been only a couple of months , but I can clearly see things happening in my life. Closer and closer to my dreams and goals!

Fernanda Barletta

Attended this past Saturday and there was no way I was going to get talked out of signing on! Impressed with how much this program is in alignment with my spiritual practices and life values. So excited to be involved. Already experiencing amazing insights into "just what I need". Thanks to everyone involved in this community.

Paula Johnson

For the first time I feel that I am completely in control of my life and emotions. During the Brain-A-Thon I learned that my personal development (in every aspect) was blocked because of the patterns I had developed over the past. I knew from the Somatic Experiencing that traumas are saved in our cells. One of the many therapies I did in order to overcome the heavy mental abuse of my parents but every therapy was just a little baby step in improving of my overall situation. So I was aware of the fact that traumas can block your body but I did not know that the brain is affected. That was a very important information for me as it gave me so much hope that I found a way for a major improvement.

Franziska Seidl

I was truly inspired, and that's why I've joined several of the programs with John and always feel that my life is changing, and that my business has grown and prospered as a result. I have come to realize that all the issues I've had with being an entrepreneur, are the same as many others who have journeyed this same road with me, and although we've come from different places, and have different businesses, at the end of the day, getting results requires persistence, and a positive attitude, and lots and lots of support, all of which I am getting here in this program.

Aileen McKenna

*individual results may vary

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