Winning The Game of Money
Winning the Game of Money

Winning the Game of Money Success Coaching & Brain Retraining System

This program includes powerful video and audio training with special bonuses that will empower you to achieve your financial goals and dreams faster and easier than ever before. Winning the Game of Money is based on our ongoing research and new discoveries in the field of neurosciences. It features compelling training modules, manuals, strategies, tools, and resources to help you plan and achieve financial success and personal freedom. You'll experience the amazing benefits of the NeuroGym system of retraining your brain to upgrade your beliefs, habits, perceptions and behaviors.

Get full access to powerful techniques and training that will reveal:

  • The Newest scientific processes ( G.O.O.P.) to set and achieve your goals faster
  • Why your past relationship with money could be blocking your future success and how to release it fast
  • How to get hyper-focused on your critical daily tasks and avoid bad habits and procrastination
  • Essential mindset and emotional management skills to help you be laser focused and on track
  • The latest brain science behind motivation and how to activate the ‘genius’ part of your brain
  • How to create a new powerful money story to light up the motivational center in your brain and accelerate your financial results
  • Powerful Meta Dynamics personality profiling tool to help you identify and master your core strengths and abilities
  • A repair and recover training module to help you get out of debt and recover from past financial losses
  • How to earn more money and manage it better, invest it and protect it
  • The 9 Environments needed to create predictable success
  • Improved daily rituals to prime your brain for financial success

...Plus so much more!

Take your knowledge and skills to a whole new level with powerful video training content and brain retraining audios including the ability to listen to all the brain training with eyes open while doing other activities.

We configured all the audios to make it easy for you to listen as you enjoy other activities!

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Brain Retraining Audios To Help You Eliminate The Mental and Emotional Obstacles That Have Held You Back In The Past

  • Recognizing the stories and excuses from your past around money and eliminate them
  • Retraining your brain to overcome any conscious or unconscious fears around you and money
  • Release any bad habits and learn to maintain a laser-like focus on your financial goals and needed steps to achieve them

Experts To Learn From & Amazing Content Designed To Help You Breakthrough And Achieve More Success Faster While Focusing On Your Biggest Strengths

John AssarafEntrepreneur & CEO
Jim BunchEntrepreneur & CEO
David Krueger, M.D.Executive Mentor Coach
Dr. Heidi HannaCEO of SYNERGY
Srini Pillay, M.D.Harvard M.D.
Sharon PearsonThe ‘Superpreneur’
Mark WaldmanNeuroscientist

You will gain access to more training modules from these experts, including:

  • A video training on how to Repair and recover from past financial traumas
  • An intensive personality assessment
  • The 5 Pillars of Financial Success Video training Program - to earn more, manage better, invest wisely and protect your wealth
  • How to recharge your energy and maximize your performance and work output


Includes 12 Video Training Levels plus the Million Dollar Video Library

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Receive

The Complete Winning the Game of Money Success Coaching & Brain Retraining System

12 Innercise Audio Tracks 12 NEW Knowledge & Skills Videos
Level 1 - Finding Financial Opportunity Level 1 - Setting Your Financial Goals
Level 2 - Attracting Wealth Level 2 - Understanding Your Money Story (Part 1)
Level 3 - Tenacity & Resolve Level 3 - Understanding Your Money Story (Part 2)
Level 4 - Increasing Wealth Feelings Level 4 - Managing Your Emotions (Part 1)
Level 5 - Accelerated Wealth Reprogramming #1 Level 5 - Priming Your Brain for Financial Success
Level 6 - Being Creative Level 6 - The 9 Environments of Success
Level 7 - Releasing Your Stories & Excuses Level 7 - Achieving Your Financial Goals (Part 1)
Level 8 - Accelerated Wealth Reprogramming #2 Level 8 - Achieving Your Financial Goals (Part 2)
Level 9 - Letting Go of Your Money Fears Level 9 - Achieving Your Financial Goals (Part 3)
Level 10 - Accelerated Wealth Reprogramming #3 Level 10 - Managing Your Emotions (Part 2)
Level 11 - Beliefs & Habits Generator Level 11 - Changing Your Money Story (Part 1)
Level 12 - Mastering Your Money Focus Level 12 - Changing Your Money Story (Part 2)
  Million-Dollar Video Library - Unlocked after Level 12

Unlocked after completing certain levels. This content may consist of PDF Ebooks, training videos, recorded seminars, and more.
Repair and Recovery with Jim Bunch: Use this program if you are in need of immediate financial recovery. Learn what actions you can take right now to regain control of your finances. Your recovery may be as simple as cutting unnecessary expenses and chunking down your debt.
Investing Strategies with Phil Town: Phil started investing with $1,000 and 5 years later turned it into $1.45 Million. In these bonus videos Phil shares his techniques, and offers a free scholarship to attend his training workshop.
Ebook: Our Money Stories by David Krueger: A money story is not someone’s income, expenses, assets, debt, or net worth. It’s their relationship with money: the plot and storylines of a money autobiography. Discover your Money Story here.
In-Depth Personality, Strengths, and Success Profile Assessment: Gain deep insights into what your natural talents, skills, values and strengths are and learn how to use them to achieve maximum performance.
Ebook: Recharge with Heidi Hanna: Learn 5 simple shifts you can make to reenergize your daily life.
How to Get More Done in Less Time: Learn how to focus on high impact activities and high revenue generating activities vs. the trivial many things that eat away your time and energy.
The 5 Pillars of Financial Success: Learn the mindset and strategies and tactics needed to earn more, manage, invest and protect your wealth with this video training program.
Ebook: Bounce Back with Srini Pillay: Inspirational images, quotes, and research for resilience and fast recovery.
The Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool by Sharon Pearson: The Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool measures 16 dimensions and provides you an exclusive window into your clients' potential. By knowing why they do what they do, you can help them to achieve new goals and evolve into the person they want to be.
Money²: This is from our recently recorded 3 day live event. Learn the strategies, tactics, tools & systems for making millions in real estate, options trading, investing, and entrepreneurship. This is over 20 hours of video training.

The Million-Dollar Success Library

Business Development
John Assaraf
Developing Your Core Marketing Message
John Assaraf
NeuroMarketing & NeuroSales
John Assaraf & Stephen Cox
Building a Winning Business Culture
Talor Zamir
Generate Quality Leads that Turn Into Clients
Mike Koenigs
Build Your Client List & Close More Sales
Allison Maslan
Turning Your Dreams into a Profitable Business
John Assaraf & Jermaine Griggs
Automated Sales & Marketing Techniques
John Assaraf & Robert Norton
Mastering Business Growth
Business Development
John Assaraf & Brian Tracy
Achieve Predictable Success
John Assaraf & Jim Bunch
Show Me The Money!
John Assaraf & David Bach
Eliminate Your Debt & Achieve Financial Freedom
John Assaraf & Darren Hardy
The Compound Effect
John Assaraf
Strategies, Tactics, & Timelines
John Assaraf & Mitch Axelrod
Master Selling Yourself
Brian Tracy
Doubling Your Income & Earning Ability
Robert Norton
Why Goals Don’t Work
John Assaraf & Brian Tracy
Planning for Your Best Year Ever
John Assaraf & Ari Whitten
8 Secrets to Achieve Ultimate Health
John Assaraf & JJ Virgin
Improving Your Physical Health

Easy To Access...Easy To Use

And...the new content is not the only thing that makes this upgrade worth it. The user interface of the program makes it easy and fast to access all the program features. Experience:

  • Superior program usability

  • Mobile friendly application

  • Gamified interaction to unlock even more special training bonuses

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The Complete Winning the Game Of Money Success Coaching & Brain Retraining System

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