This content is to provide basic information to help you get started in Affiliate Marketing.

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

Q: When do I get paid?
A: Commissions are paid out 45 days from the end of the month in which the sale occurred. This is due to our 30-day refund policy.

Q: How are my commissions paid?
A: Commissions are paid dependent upon the type of tax form you returned. W-9 are paid to the address on the form and by check only. W-8 are paid by PayPal address only. Please submit your PayPal address when you return your completed W-8.

Q: Who do I send my completed tax form to?
A: Send your completed tax form to Tracy Wagner: [email protected]

Q: Which tax form should I complete and return?
A: W-9: If your company is a U.S. company and resides in the continental United States. W-8: If your company does not reside within the continental United States and taxes are paid to a country other than the U.S.

Q: How do I check my stats such as clicks, optins and number of sales by tracking link?
A: Login to the partner portal using your login provided in your welcome letter and click on the “Reports” tab - that will log you into our database. Look at the “Reports” section and click the following:
My Ledger: to see a listing of your sales, clawbacks, payments pending, payments made – all by date
Commissions Generated: to see your commissions earned by date range
Link Tracking Stats: to see your stats by tracking link

Q: Affiliate Marketing Terminology - Defined:

  • Click: Each time a person hovers their mouse on your tracking link and “clicks” it keeps a record of those clicks. These are not unique clicks and will include every time your tracking link is clicked unless they are specified as “unique” which means that all duplicative clicks are removed from the tally.
    Example: you are testing your tracking link and click 2 times. Aggregate clicks will show as 2 and unique clicks will show as 1.
  • Opt in: Each time a person registers by clicking on your tracking link it keeps an aggregate tally, these are not unique opt ins and will include your own testing. Aggregate and unique tallies are the same as explained in Clicks above.
  • Sale: A purchase.
  • Clawback: A returned sale.
  • Cookie: Cookie is a value stored on the client's computer. When a client clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is saved on their computer. A cookie creates a tracking mechanism by which to track sales. This means, if a client purchases a NeuroGym offer via your affiliate link within 60 days, you will receive a commission for the sale.
  • Last Cookie: NeuroGym is Last Cookie. Here is the scenario. A client registers for a webinar with your link. They receive an email from another partner for the same offer and click their link to register for, watch the webinar, and purchase at the end of the webinar. That partner whose link was used LAST to purchase will receive the commission for the sale.
  • CTA: CTA stands for Call To Action and represents what the client is being asked to do such as register for an event, or download a free eBook.

Do these 5 things to ensure promotional success

  1. Always mask your links by creating a clickable link using words or images. Do not post direct affiliate links in your email.
  2. Change at least 20% of the content copy to be in your own voice
  3. Modify the subject line to be unique – this will help with email deliverability
  4. Use the tracking link provided to you - copy and paste it directly from the source; our launch page or the swipe copy, etc.
  5. Send a test email to yourself before sending it out to your list to test your links and formatting

Top 5 common mistakes that will cost you your commissions

  1. Editing your tracking link in ANY way
  2. Shortening your tracking link by using software such as
  3. Copying your tracking link from the URL
  4. Not using your tracking link
  5. Not editing the email copy to speak to your list

How to build a list utilizing social media

  1. Do a Facebook Live with a Call to Action (CTA) that has an optin post with a lead magnet such as a free giveaway.
  2. Do posts with CTA’s that have a lead magnet such as a newsletter or blog where you can capture their email address.

How to make a clickable image/text a link

Instructions on how to create a clickable link with Text:

  1. Select your tracking link below then ctrl C (right mouse click)
  2. Select and right click the text you wish to create into a link
  3. Select “Link”
  4. Select ctrl V (right mouse click) and place your tracking link in the link field.

Instructions on how to create a clickable link for an Image:

  1. Select your tracking link then ctrl C (right mouse click)
  2. Select your image and right click
  3. Select “Link”
  4. Select ctrl V (right mouse click) and place your tracking link in the link field.

Email Marketing

Get all the tools you need to succeed in marketing your business and product offers. Grow your list, create email campaigns quickly and easily (just like the big companies do) with custom templates, contact management and easily track the effectiveness of your campaigns with easy to understand reporting capabilities. The services typically have tiered pricing by the number of emails outgoing and offer basic stats such as opens, clicks, etc. This is a great place to start!

Social Media Marketing and Management

Build and strengthen your social following through enhancing your social media management via a service platform. Manage multiple networks and profiles, schedule your content in a meaningful and impactful way and measure your campaign results all in one simple dashboard.

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