Change Your Brain, Change Your Income

6 Brain Experts Reveal The Most Powerful New Techniques To Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs, Fears, or Self-Esteem Issues That Are Holding You Back From Achieving Your Financial Goals and Dream Life

Sunday, September 26th, at 9:00am PT

(It is FREE)

(It is FREE)

Earn More. Live More. Be More. Give More.

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Sunday, September 26 at 9:00am PT

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  • John Assaraf
  • Dr. Denis Waitley
  • Dr. Maria Nemeth
  • Dr. Joan Rosenberg
  • Niurka
  • Dr. Sarah McKay

What people have said about past Brain-A-Thon's

So much has happened since I attended the Brainathon! My business has doubled from this time last year. I found and moved into a large, beautiful, brick and mortar and I feel like financial freedom is finally within reach! This investment is a form of self-love, it's awesome.

- Lisa B. | New Jersey, USA

Before I felt overwhelmed when I was facing a big change of my life. After the Brainathon, I took lots of actions even though I was feeling fear. When I increased my self-esteem, my income increased. I doubled the amount of my revenue from last year and I bought a new home for myself with an ocean view! Now I am setting new goals and I’m ready for it.

- Yukie I. | Japan

I watched the Brainathon at 80 years old at a time when I felt too old and somewhat defeated in my life. I looked at this program as the final attempt to change my life. Within 12 months I had doubled the income from my wedding planning business and made over $240,000, and felt as though was 40 again.
I also took a wonderful trip and paid the $50,000 cost without going into debt!
I’m soooo grateful and it’s never too late!

- KatRama B. Hawaii, USA

A year ago, before attending the Brainathon, I was pretty down mentally, emotionally and financially, but I wanted to change my life. In week 9, something in my attitude changed... I sent 3 emails to 3 hotel groups and one of them told me I was selected to shoot their 500 hotels!! My life has changed! I went from being a single freelance photographer to being a CEO with a team of 10 photographers working for me. And I will earn in 3 months what I usually earn in a good year. Thank you!

- David-Emmanuel C. | France

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