Business Black

Here is an example of the training you get as a part of the live community for our Business Black program

Intricacies...All Simplified by Top Experts

“Business Black is awesome! In the past year I've learned the intricacies of Facebook advertising, and a wide range of marketing skills and mindsets, all simplified by our top experts who spent decades in the past learning it on their own..."

– Ricki Lane, Canada

They Easily Help You, Whatever Industry You're In

“I gained so many new many skills and reinforced the some I already had... I didn’t like marketing nor sales before. Along the way I started to love them both, because now I understand how they work, they don’t intimidate me anymore.
I have portrait photography business, but I think the industry is irrelevant, because all the experts are so experienced in their stuff, that they can easily help you whatever industry you are in."

– Beatrix Boros, Ireland

The Growth is Astounding

"This program has been the best investment we’ve ever made. The growth is astounding and it’s not by accident. We’re being given the keys and it’s up to us to use them!"

– Christopher Yax, VA , United States

Well Worth What I Spent

"When I signed up for Business Black I was looking for a community, for guidance and direction. As a sole entrepreneur getting a business off the ground, sometimes you can just go in circles not knowing which direction to take or where you should spend your time and your effort. Business Black gives you a plan, next steps, advice, education... It’s just amazing. It’s well worth what I spent on it."

– Bernadette Wilson, CA