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Business Consulting

Grow your business faster and easier than ever... with John Assaraf and the NeuroGym Team

  • Understand the master formula for consistent revenue and get off the “cashflow roller-coaster”
  • Clarify your vision, mission and values so you always know what direction your company is going
  • Develop your core marketing message
  • Properly brand your business for long-term success
  • Create long-term business goals and revenue planning
  • Learn the success rituals that automatically set you in motion on your highest and best priorities
  • Create a 90 day action plan based around your business objectives
  • Put in place an end-to-end sales process so you always know what to say to a lead or client
  • Learn the how science Neuromarketing/Neurosales can better connect your ideal clients to your brand.
  • Create effective websites and write sales copy that converts
  • Learn the lead generation through Ads, Social Media and referrals
  • Leverage YouTube to generate a flood of new traffic to your website
  • Build Facebook funnels to build your brand and get new leads
  • Set up and test your sales process map
  • Optimize and refine your “core story”
  • Learn the most advanced online lead generation optimization strategies
  • How to increase the customer lifetime value so you can afford to get high-quality customers
  • Automation rules and strategies that separate business winners from business losers

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