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The Only System That Uses Proven Methods Based On Cognitive Neuroscience And Psychology To Eliminate The Root Cause Of Your Deepest Fears – Forever!

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Winning The Game Of Fear Brain Training And Coaching Program…


Get The Entire Winning The Game Of Fear Brain Training And Coaching Program (And All The Bonuses) For Only $397!
Total Value: $3,179

The Winning The Game Of Fear Brain Training And Coaching Program

(Value $997)

This one-of-a-kind brain training program specifically addresses the underlying cause of your most deeply rooted fears. Here’s some of what you can expect…

  • Learn to recognize and release your most deeply rooted fears using the powerful “4R Process”...
  • Escape the unconscious habit loops that keep you stuck in a state of fear and develop new habits aligned with your most important values...
  • Apply a structured visualization method to interrupt your fear-inducing neural patterns and replace them with a way of thinking that drives you to take meaningful action...
  • Experience the freedom and joy of life without fear, and what it’s like to have a deep well of inner strength and certainty to draw upon whenever you need it...
  • Gain newfound confidence and trust in yourself so it’s easy to go after your biggest goals and dreams...

Bonus #1: 9 Powerful Innercise™ Audios For Creating Extraordinary Change On Demand

(Value $197)

These proprietary audios make change as easy as putting on headphones. Here are the 9 bonus Innercises you’ll receive free with the program…

  • Take 6 Calm the Circuits: Deactivate the stress, fear, and anxiety center of your brain, leaving you calm, centered, and in control...
  • AiA (Awareness, Intention, Action): Focus your awareness and increase your control of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors...
  • I Release: This simple technique allows you to easily release disempowering thoughts and feelings, limiting beliefs, and negative past experiences...
  • Flip Flop: Discover the secret to switching between emotions on command...
  • The Gratitude Tree: Flood your brain with positive neurotransmitters (such as pleasure inducing endorphins) that improve your mood and motivation...
  • I See Me: Anchor success in your mind with a technologically enhanced version of the mental rehearsal techniques used by Olympic athletes...
  • The Picture Frame: Discover the benefits of any event in your life by gaining control over the meanings you assign to your experiences...
  • Beach Time: Decrease stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, by putting on your headphones and escaping to the beach to recharge (no matter where you are in the world)...
  • Releasing Stories And Excuses: Permanently release any stories or excuses holding you back spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically...

Bonus #2: 5 Exceptional Expert Trainings To Increase Your Specialized Knowledge And Skills

(Value $985)

Over 6 hours of fascinating and practical training you can immediately apply to your life. Here are the 5 trainings you’ll receive for free with the program…

  • Why You Self-Sabotage & How You Can Stop It with John Assaraf
  • Protecting Your Brain from Fears, Worries and Traumas with world-renowned neuro-coach Mark Waldman
  • Achieve Your Natural State of Happiness and Well Being with Dr. George Pratt
  • Post-Traumatic Growth with Dr. Joan Rosenberg
  • Avoid Burnout & Beat Stress Addiction with Dr. Heidi Hanna
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5 Exclusive Recorded Q&A Training Sessions
With John Assaraf

(Value $1,000)

Discover the most pressing questions that I answered to help you maintain momentum so you consistently take meaningful action towards your biggest goals and dreams.

Get The Entire Winning The Game Of Fear Brain Training And Coaching Program (And All The Bonuses) For Only $397!

Total Value: $3,179

What people have to say about Winning The Game Of Fear...

WTGFear has really forced me to stare my fears in the face (instead of avoiding them) and move them out of my way for good!
I had started a new business in 2018 (in addition to my current home-based business) and am now moving past some fears that have truly stopped me from being successful at all in this new business.
The exercise in level 3 to complete one small action step daily towards a big, scary-for-me goal has created momentum in this new business! I had set the small goal to contact only one person daily and I have been contacting 5-6 daily and getting amazing responses!
Thank you John, Mark and the incredible Neurogym team for continuing to create and upgrade amazing programs for success!

- Kirty L.

I just want to share my experience driving on a freeway… driving has been my major, major obstacle to many things.
I feel so paralyzed because I was too afraid to drive. And today I drove myself from home to the DMV and the feeling is great because usually before when I left home there was a huge anxiety at the back of my shoulder and at the back of my head. It paralyzed me, making me feel so tired and so fatigued.
Now that I’m on level two of WTGF, I feel more at ease. I feel light and free when I drive on the freeway. So, congratulations to myself! Thank you John for your program. I love it and I look forward to driving more!

- Sofia I.

Trebling. Shaking. Loss of breath. Tightness in my chest.
All of these were symptoms I had when speaking or presenting to people in group settings.
Now I'm on the final days of WTGF and I just completed the best presentations of my life to members of my sales team. I was cool, calm, confident and delivered it exceptionally well. I was also told I am top 3 in our global organization for winnable sales opportunities this year; a first for someone who is only six months into the role.
WTGF helped me with confidence, focus, and diminishing my attachment to perfection. Visualizing scenarios with questions like "what if it all goes right?" has greatly impacted the way I look at tasks and how I complete them.
Thanks again to John and team for all the excellent work you've done. I continue to have breakthrough after breakthrough with your products and help.

- John W.

Feeling on top of the world. Day 40, final day of WTGOF. Achieved my first journey goal of signing up my first 4 clients today, 4 months ahead of plan and 4 times more revenue than planned! Loving the number 4!!
I know for a fact this wouldn’t have happened without taking WTGOF, the amazing and inspiring John Assaraf and NeuroGym team and all of you in this community. THANK YOU. LIFE CHANGING!!!

- Jo B.