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What is Having It All?

Having It All is not just another “self help” book.

It is NOT about “manifesting” ...

yet if you use the tactics and techniques in this book it will seem like new results appear in your life almost like magic.

It is NOT about “sucking it up” and “just doing it” ...

yet the ideas in this book can give you limitless willpower to overcome all obstacles and do the uncomfortable tasks that will get you the results you desire.

Having It All Is Based On Neuroscience

If you want to have it all, then you need to let go of certain inaccurate beliefs, habits and patterns that keep you doing the same things over and over again. Inside this book you will find the Innercises® to re-script your beliefs and re-train your brain.

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Having It All is a proven system to get more out of life

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Here are a few of the ideas you'll discover for FREE in this book:

  • Why 90% of successful people are unable to share their success secrets (and how to find the few who have made their success “duplicatable”) p.xi
  • What war in Israel can teach you about your decision making powers and becoming more than you are now p.2
  • Why steamy late night sauna sessions with successful men gave me the inspiration to chase my dreams (It sounds weird… but I assure you it was quite innocent and you’ll learn a lot from reading about this, just like I did) p.4
  • The FIRST lesson you need to learn about pursuing your dreams if you want to have any hope of achieving them (It’s painfully obvious to pretty much everyone, but most of us forget this simple fact and it really holds us back) p.4
  • How a trunk filled with hundred dollar bills started me on my path of honest living and goal achievement (Even though I felt a little cheated because I only got twenty bucks out of it) p.6
  • Why school, TV, and society teach us to ask the wrong questions and set ourselves up for failure and frustration. p.10
  • The tough choice you’ll have to make to get a better life (and why most people are too scared to give up whining and complaining) p.13
  • How certain types of success can be harmful to your overall happiness (like financial success, which many people chase at the expense of everything that matters… learn how to avoid this sneaky trap!) p.17
  • What I learned about happiness from being on tiny pacific islands with no cars, no grocery stores and no televisions p.22
  • The 4 types of intelligence we have to navigate the “hidden world” we can’t see with our eyes p.29
  • How a swollen colon and a tailored Italian suit created my most embarrassing story and taught me what the phrase “mind over matter” truly means p.32
  • The 6 intellectual functions every human is born with (3 of these might be completely new to you, and you’ll finally understand why you’re not doing the things you should be doing) p.36
  • Why “intuition” isn’t just for crystal rubbers and tree huggers. It’s one of the most advanced (and overlooked) “mental radar” systems we have at our disposal p.45
  • Your brain absorbs only about 2,000 pieces of information out of an available 11 million. Learn how to expand and direct your awareness to capture the important parts of the 10,998,000 that slip past unnoticed p. 46
  • The “nail biting” secret of re-conditioning your brain for success p.48
  • What most people get wrong about the “law of attraction” (Hint: it’s actually much simpler, and more scientific than you think. It has to do with your habits and perceptions.) p.49
  • How thoughts become subconscious patterns and influence your reality p.51
  • Why the discovery of “neurogenesis” gives you a powerful new tool you can use to change, shape and improve your reality p.56
  • Why focusing on what you want activates your brain to automatically bring it to you (and an ancient “focus trick” to train this innate power) p.57
  • The 8 intelligence types and how knowing yours allows you to show your true worth p.61
  • You have an important group of cells called your RAS. They determine what’s important to you. Learning how to direct and control this system is crucial to you achieving your goals. Discover one surprisingly simple method to do this. p.64
  • There’s a part of your brain named after the Greek word for “almond.” It’s called your amygdala and it releases hormones and chemicals that create feelings of fear, anxiety and tension. Learn how to overcome this fear through an understanding of how your brain works. p.66
  • The 4 states your brain can be in and how to use the “learning state” to give you near superhuman powers p.68

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Having It All answers the age-old questions: Who am I? And how do I go from where I am to where I want to be?”

Kara Lane

“One of the best books I've read

After reading I bought 3 more copies. "Having it All" is so much more than a personal development book. I enjoyed it because of its uniqueness, simplicity, scope, practicality and the author's sincerity.

If you think "The Secret" was something, you aint see nothing yet!”

Tarek M

“I just finished this amazing book, i recommend this book to everyone who want to boost their financial situation”


“There is a saying that the teacher appears when the student is ready. . . this book shows you the way to achieve the life you want. For me, it reinforces what I already knew and gives me the tools to make it happen. ”

Mary Walker

“ I enjoyed this book and was inspired to create a better life after reading it. It's clear, well-written and has a lot of practical advice. I enjoyed the section on beliefs & self-esteem and goal setting.”

Eddie Coronado

“Change your Life! This book and the exercises in it will do amazing things for your life and for the growth of your business if you'll stick with it and follow the pattern.”

Katie Nye

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