Is Your BRAIN To Blame For Your Struggle With Weight? Let Me Show You Exactly How To Retrain Your Brain To Lose ALL Your Excess Weight… And Keep It Off Forever.

Is Your BRAIN To Blame For Your Struggle With Weight? Let Me Show You Exactly How To Retrain Your Brain To Lose ALL Your Excess Weight… And Keep It Off Forever.


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First things first – You just set yourself well apart from the crowd by taking the bull by the horns and coming to this page. The training you joined me for was just the very tip of the “weight loss iceberg” so to speak and on this page you’re going to discover just how powerful your subconscious is in keeping you from your weight loss and other life goals.

We humans are funny creatures, aren’t we?

We’ve evolved so rapidly (in universal terms) that our minds and bodies are stuck in “hunter gatherer” mode and we’re left sitting in the parking lot trying to decide between the open 24 hours Dunkin Donuts or the open 24 hours McDonalds for our late night snack.

Worse yet – with technology at the ready you can place an order with a single click and have it delivered to you any time day or night.

This sets up your subconscious mind to call the shots… ALL of them. It goes something like this..

Your Subconscious – “Pssssst, hey… we’re hungry, let’s order something YUMMY and binge on it and some Netflix

You – “Oh, it’s late… we should really go to bed

Your Subconscious – “Don’t make me come up there

You – Clicks the Domino’s app on your phone and turns on the TV.

Now you may not have that exact conversation in your head, but if you’re here with me right now, you know precisely what I’m talking about.

The programming you received around food, weight, and fitness all the way back when you were a child set the stage for the way you interact with food and weight to this day.

And removing that programming could be the exact solution to finally releasing the weight you deserve to lose, and get on track to being in the best shape of your life.

Like I told you in the training… this is truly the “missing link” in your efforts to lose weight for the long term. There are hundreds and thousands of exercise plans and nutrition plans out there, and I urge you to find the ones that fit your life, your schedule, and your goals – I believe that nutrition and exercise are definitely a part of the equation, but they’re not the final word.

You can get up and go to spin class at 5:00 AM every single day and pedal till you think your legs are going to come off, but unless your brain is fully on board, it’s going to sabotage you at every turn.

Then the frustration sets back in and (at midnight again….)

Pssssssst…. we’re hungry

But all that is about to change. On this page is the key to finally (at long last) unlocking your full potential, resetting your brain’s expectations, and “weight set point” (yes it’s a thing) and setting yourself up for a lifetime of optimal weight and health.

This system might seem too good to be true – Just 20 short minutes a day listening to some audios, anywhere and anytime.

But it’s based in rock solid science and it’s proven to work. We’re going to most literally reprogram your subconscious mind to start allowing YOU to start calling the shots and not hitting a wall every time you do.

When you join Winning The Game of Weight Loss we’re going to create an environment where your conscious mind and your subconscious mind are living in harmony working toward the SAME goals, not opposing ones.

Along the way we’ll dispose of all the triggers, obstacles, emotions, self sabotage that have been keeping you from losing that weight once and for all, and then keeping it off for optimal health the rest of your life.

Take a look below at exactly how it works!

Regular Price $1,694
For just $397, here’s the training that you’ll receive access to:

Winning The Game Of Weight Loss Success System
($1,497 Value)

3 Part Proven System To Help You With:

Your Mindset - Rescript and reshape your body image and weight and fat set points by reprogramming your unconscious mind

Your Skillset - Upgrade your knowledge and skills to have the most advanced plan on the right foods, nutrition and exercise specifically for you

Your Actionset - We'll help you develop powerful daily habits that will ultimately guide your thoughts, choices and behaviors every day/ every week and every month towards your ultimate weight, fat, body and health goals

Winning The Game Of Weight Loss 12 Level Brain Retraining Audios

-Rescript and Reshape your body and self-image to be more empowered than ever.

-Recognize and Release the triggers, stories, addictions and excuses that are keeping you stuck at your current weight.

-Reset and Recalibrate your inner weight and fat set point so you can lose the weight you want off and keep it off.

Inside this amazing brain retraining program, you’ll receive access
to these powerful Innercise audios:

1) Winning from the Inside Out

2) The Keys to Winning the Weight Loss Game

3) Letting Go of your Fears of Failure or Disappointment

4) Building Your Mental Weight Loss Muscle

5) Releasing your Stories and Excuses

6) Feeling Self Love and Acceptance

7) Mastering your Emotions

8) Powerful Declarations For Emotional Well Being

9) Triumphing over Your Temptations and Addictions

10) Powerful Affirmations and Powerful New Beliefs

11) A Victory For Life Mindset

12) Super Mix Integration

Act Now & Get These Two Bonuses:

Act Now Bonus #1:
The Ultimate Weight Loss & Optimal Health Video Training Library
($500 Value)

Learn the most advanced, scientifically proven methods and strategies to set and achieve your fat loss goals by being in total control your emotions, your self-worth, your habits, choices, decisions and your overall health and well-being.

Inside this amazing video training library, you’ll learn and receive access to these video trainings:

1) The Critical Key Elements to Your Weight and Fat loss

2) Fat Loss Key #1: N.E.A.T. (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

3) Fat Loss Key #2: Choosing The Best Food Plan For fat Loss

4) Fat Loss Key #3: Exercise - Learn what To do to burn more calories

5) Fat Loss Key #4: Circadian Rhythms - Boost your energy, speed up your metabolism, lower your body fat

6) Setting & Achieving Realistic Health & Weight Loss Goals – With John Assaraf

7) Recognizing & Overcoming The Negative Triggers that Set You Back From Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals – With Dr. Brian Alman

8) Eliminating Yo-Yo Dieting Forever – With Ari Whitten

9) 12 Proven Strategies To Making Your Weight Loss Stick Part 1 of 2 – With JJ Virgin

10) The Science of Self-Acceptance & Self Love – With Mark Waldman

11) Mastering Your Emotions For Releasing Weight & Keeping It Off – With Dr. Brian Alman

12) Developing Empowering Daily Rituals To Sustain Your New Body & Self Image – John Assaraf

13) The Art & Science of Mindful Eating – With Mark Waldman

14) 12 Proven Strategies To Making Your Weight Loss Stick Part 2 of 2 – With JJ Virgin

15) Creating An Optimal Calorie Burning Body – With Marc David

Act Now Bonus #2:
Daily VIP Training, Coaching and Support
($197 Value)

Receive 30 days of daily coaching, training and support in our online VIP Community to help you stay on track with your fat loss goals.

You Will:

  • Be in a loving, supportive and caring group that understands your challenges, issues and goals
  • Receive daily motivational mini videos to help you stay on track
  • Ask questions and get precise answers in a safe environment
  • Learn the most up to date research to simplify and make your diet, exercise, mindset and fat loss journey faster and easier
  • Participate as little or as much as you like and
  • Interact with other serious individuals on their weight/fat loss journey
  • Receive the guidance you need to achieve and sustain the weight and health goals your desire

Total Value: OVER $1,694

Start Today For Just $397!


See what current NeuroGym clients have to say about our programs:

I started the program in May of this year and in 6 months I have managed to release 11 kg (24 lbs.) and enter a normal BMI range. My ultimate goal is to release another 9 kg (19 lbs.) and be in optimum shape for the Rome Marathon on April 2. Now, I eat better, sleep better and feel great..

-Ajay Kamalakaran, Mumbai, India

Five years ago, my life collapsed, business failed, I was going through a divorce, and my health was poor - I actually needed a cane to walk! After I figured out how to make my brain work for me the skin condition I had been battling finally cleared up, my relationship with my ex-wife is on great terms, and I’ve never been closer to my two sons.

-Kevin Bulmer, No Schedule Man, Ontario, Canada

I started the weight loss process the very first of March. My starting weight was 156 lbs. and I am happy to report that...I weighed in at 123.8 lbs.this morning! I haven’t been this weight since I was 10 year old! I didn't think it was possible but yet here I am and looking forward to learning how to keep it off for the rest of my life.

-Laura Ickes, Brush, CO

Thanks to you John and our Community at NeuroGym - here are my results! Lost 25 lbs. and went from sitting on the bench to being up on stage.

-Robert Prince, Quebec, Canada
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