The New Science to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power

These brain training Innercises provide you a great resource to strengthen your mindset and upgrade your mental and emotional skills. Having more control of your mindset and emotions, will allow you to achieve your biggest goals and dreams faster and easier than ever before.

Your Brain Training Audios (Please Use Headphones)


To maximize your INNERCISETM experience, listen to 1 or more of your mini-INNERCISETM audios daily. Find a quiet place and use headphones and please do not drive while listening. All Innercises include positive subliminal affirmations and declarations as well as proven science-based techniques that are extremely powerful in helping you transform from the inside out. Enjoy Innercising!

Mini-INNERCISETM #1: Take 6 Calm the Circuits

Best use: To Get Centered, Calm and in Control. You will discover how to deactivate the stress/fear/anxiety/panic center in your brain.

Please use headphones

Mini-INNERCISETM #2: AiA (Awareness, Intention, Action)

Best use: To increase awareness of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, behaviors. You will learn to be mindful and in control of your focus and actions.

Please use headphones

Mini-INNERCISETM #3: I Release

Best use: This simple technique is to release any disempowering thought or emotion, a past experience or limiting belief or habit. You will learn a positive language pattern and technique that will help you focus on letting go of what no longer serves you.

Please use headphones

Mini-INNERCISETM #4: Flip Flop- Actors Studio

Best use: Best use: For being in control of your emotions and feelings vs being a victim of them. You will discover how to switch between emotions and feelings on command.

Please use headphones

Mini-INNERCISETM #5: The Gratitude Tree

Best use: For activating your positive neurochemicals, feelings, focus and emotions. You will learn a simple, powerful technique and ritual to start and end your day.

Please use headphones


Best use: Mental rehearsal for seeing yourself achieving your goals and dreams as you release whatever is holding you back. You will learn how to anchor your vison and goals, using a combination of brain-based techniques and methods.

Please use headphones

Mini-INNERCISETM #7: The Picture Frame

Best use: To increase your awareness around the meanings you give things that happen in your life. You will discover how to look at anything that happens in your life, in a more positive, empowering way.

Please use headphones

Mini-INNERCISETM #8: Beach Time

Best use: For releasing stress/anxiety/overwhelm/being tired. Anytime you just need a little break and a quick escape to get calm and peaceful... just go to the beach.

Please use headphones

Full Length Bonus INNERCISETM: Releasing Stories and Excuses

Best use: This is your time for your whole self, your spirit, your emotions, your mental strength and your physical self to release any of the stories or excuses that are holding you back and that you want to be permanently released starting right now. You will discover how to trust your inner wisdom and self even more and each breath reinforces your ability to gain more confidence and certainty in your inner resources as you release whatever stories or excuses that you are now ready to release.

Please use headphones

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