Are You Ready to Double or Triple Your Income in the Next 12 Months?

Only 11 of 40 Seats Left!

April 24th & 25th San Diego, CA

Are You Ready to Double or Triple Your Income in the Next 12 Months?

Only 11 of 40 Seats Left!

April 24th & 25th San Diego, CA

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John Assaraf - Founder & CEO of NeuroGym

If you wonder why you’re stuck earning your current income, when deep inside you know you’re capable of earning more, then you’re about to be extremely happy.

But first… can you tell me if any of these apply to you?

  • Are you doing well, but you're not gaining traction fast enough to reach the financial and lifestyle goals you have for yourself?
  • Are you just plain tired of being stuck in your same financial circumstances month after month, year after year?
  • Does the frustration of having a FAR lower income than you know you’re capable of achieving bother you?
  • You’re not sure whether you’ll be able to retire with the disposable income and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of?

The truth is... no matter how much you are currently earning, that amount is simply an effect of what your brain has been conditioned to have you earn. This is known as your current financial set point and "Inner Money Blueprint".

You may be experiencing subconscious fear of success or fear of failure. Perhaps you are overcome with stress and anxiety from trying to keep all the "plates" spinning in your life. Maybe you are frustrated and overwhelmed from trying so hard and not making the progress you desire. Do you ever feel that you're not good enough or smart enough to achieve the financial goals you have?

All of these are very typical obstacles that either slow down or stop most people dead in their tracks like some invisible force holding them back.

Think about it like this… you’re driving in your car on the freeway but it seems like the car is struggling to keep up with traffic and for some reason just doesn’t feel like it’s getting you anywhere fast.

Then suddenly you look down and realize… the emergency brake is ON! No wonder you’re not making the kind of progress you should be! So first step in “getting there faster” is taking off the brake, and hitting the gas.

Now, let me take that analogy one step further. Did you know that many (if not most) cars these days have something called a governor on them? It’s an electronic control that keeps the top speed of your car lower than it could actually go.

For example, most BMW models are limited to an artificial 155 Mph top speed (and frankly that’s probably good considering how poorly a lot of people drive!) but many of those models could go MUCH faster without the restriction of the governor keeping their speed down…

Now what if I could SHOW YOU how to take off your “financial emergency brake” AND remove your internal “financial governor” - so you could put the pedal to the metal with NO limits to how fast you get to your financial goals?

Your "Financial Governor" is ON! Do You Want To Remove it and Enjoy FULL Acceleration to Your Goals?

These thoughts, fears, beliefs, perceptions, paradigms and internal brain patterns affect people at every level of financial success.... and they can be OVERCOME!

You already know that just trying harder and working longer is NOT the key to your Financial Freedom. But if on a subconscious level - deep down inside - your implicit brain still believes that it takes long years of hard work at a job or your business to be secure and financially free, you will consistently work harder than you have to.

This is simply NOT true.

Let me show you how you can apply the latest discoveries in neuroscience and psychology to retrain your brain to accept an alternative path to financial security and success, and in the process make it fun and easy at the Money2: Neuroscience of Financial Success Event!

Now, using modern brain science discoveries YOU can learn to Recognize, Reframe and Release these success and income killers, and Replace them with Financial Success Generators and powerful constructive habits... in as little as 2 days. Plus, unlike most events you attend, I will make sure when you return home you implement everything you learn and practice at the event.

This Is Your Chance To Experience The Only Scientifically Based Financial Transformation Event In The World

Every day I see people who will never be able to reach their life’s goals and dreams. Some have lost a significant portion of their net worth as a result of the recent recession. Many have businesses that haven’t done well. Almost all live with uncertainty about their financial future.

No predictable path to wealth. No real security. No secure knowledge that their family will be taken care of in case something catastrophic happened.

It worries me and it might be worrying you also.

The financial prison I see people in. Behind invisible bars, unable to break free to where they want to go. Fearful of making the attempt because they don’t want to disrupt where they currently are now. And, many are even afraid of making progress only to lose it again.

With fear of losing what a person has, they are often shackled in a mental prison that keeps them stuck and incapable of taking the action necessary to achieve their financial security and abundance.

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I am worth more than I’m making and I should be further ahead than I am” then pay attention now because what you’re about to see will help you shatter your financial glass ceiling and accelerate your income earning potential for the rest of your life.

Imagine yourself making twice as much and even three times as much money as you currently are. Imagine, reducing your bad debt by 50% or more. Now imagine achieving it in the next 12-18 months or sooner.

Imagine living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about and haven’t yet been able to achieve up until now. At our upcoming Money2 event your financial life will be given a serious boost to take your income, lifestyle and freedom to live the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Is Your Subconscious Sabotaging Your Financial Success?

It is alarming to discover that if you believe deep down that you are only worth $30,000, $50,000 or $100,000 a year your implicit brain will consciously and subconsciously dismiss any suggestions or actions that could help you make more money! It will actually delete or distort anything that might actually help you.

This is why it is critically important to have your conscious AND subconscious beliefs and habits synchronized, so your brain is working for you, instead of against you.

This is known as Neural Resonance. For many people they are experiencing a state of NEURAL DISSONANCE, which means that different parts of their brain are fighting each other and undermining their ability to succeed at anything, especially financial goals. This is why you may procrastinate more than you like and not seem motivated to do the things needed to achieve greater success.

If you have been experiencing this inner struggle you will be pleased to know there are new discoveries in key areas of neuroscience that will help you establish a state of Neural Resonance and flow, thereby creating a profound impact on your earning potential, business revenues, profits and the overall quality of your life.

Scientists now know that you will NEVER outperform your own internal hidden Financial Self Image... BUT brain scan studies have PROVEN you can rewire and strengthen key areas in your brain that control your conscious AND subconscious mind... and therefore improve every financial and business decision you make.

When the right neurological structures are stimulated in the right way, you can actually change the structure and functioning of your "executive" thinking and decision making brain by as much as 25%.

This requires applying the right brain re-training methodologies and technologies in the right way, to replace limiting beliefs, behaviors, and habits that are currently keeping you stuck at your current level of performance and results.

Just imagine yourself after attending two power-packed days focusing on creating the inner and outer game blueprint for financial success at the Money2 Event... You'll be looking at your life from an entirely new perspective. One built on a mental and emotional success and a foolproof plan for hitting your goals. This will ensure that you are living the fulfilled, stress-free and financially independent lifestyle you dream of.

These Are The Three KEY Components To
YOUR Financial Success!


Growing up we develop certain limiting beliefs, negative habits, conflicting emotions, and misguided perceptions and in many cases a self image that chain us to a certain income bracket and prevents us from moving forward. At Money2 we will provide you with the best resources and evidence based techniques for rapidly shedding these layers of self sabotage, mental blockages, and detrimental behavior patterns to reveal the pure unrestrained potential you have inside you.


Even as you learn how to take control of your inner financial game – you’re going to need the actual SKILLS to be able to implement them into your life.

You’ll get in-the-trenches experience and wisdom for what it really takes to make it a reality. Everyone has a different set of skills and knowing how to maximize yours and follow your passion, is going to be the key to your greater success. You also need to learn how to leverage other vehicles like real estate, the stock market and maybe even growing your business faster. By the end of the event, you will know exactly what you need to do take your financial goals and have the skills to make them reality.


This is where the rubber meets the road. The “Law of Attraction” doesn’t work at all without what I call the Law of GOYA (Get off Your Ass) – and even if you have mastered the first two of these categories, unless you have the right action sets in the right order to actually advance your plan – you’ll be dead in the water.

We’ll learn how to use a collection of proven processes for you to follow when certain recurring situations arise. How to manage money. How to invest. How to handle stressful situations. At The Money2 Event you’ll get these broken down and organized into actionable building blocks you can apply immediately to your life!

I Will Guide and Empower You To Break
Through Your Financial Glass Ceiling!

At the Money2 Event, I will take you deeper than ever to create a rock solid financial transformation and understanding of everything you need to transform your results and life.

We will focus on your Mindset, your Skillset, and your Actionset so you leave with a plan to follow the day you get home.

You will feel vastly more empowered to achieve optimal financial success and overcome the hidden thoughts that initially created the financial "glass ceiling" in your life. You will start to recognize the beliefs, habits, emotions and perceptions that are not serving you and replace them with those that do!

Your brain will start working to ACCOMPLISH your financial breakthrough and success, instead of fighting you and holding you back. Imagine achieving your potential instead of standing on the edge of it year after year.

You will establish SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely), so you can directly apply what you've learned into your life and business.

You'll return home with a "90-Day Money Makeover Action Plan", like your own personal treasure map, to incorporate everything you've learned, making darn sure this isn't just another seminar... but rather a Life-Changing Experience that revolutionizes your business or career and your income from now on!

In Just 2 Short Days You’ll Leave With A Solid Plan for Your Successful Future In Your Hands

The Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success Event is going to be very different than anything I’ve done in the past.

It’s limited to a small group of people who are serious about getting results and want to get their income on the fast track.

This event isn’t some kind of huge “sage from stage” event. It’s going to be in a “workshop” type of setting with a very small group, getting one on one time with John Assaraf to work through the details of your specific issues and making sure you a fast, smart and safe blueprint to follow to your financial success!

I'm going to set you up to become the empowered person you deserve to be and help you break through your financial glass ceiling.

Your brain will start working to ACCOMPLISH your financial breakthrough and success, instead of fighting you and holding you back.

So are you ready to find out exactly what’s in store for Money2: The Neuroscience of Financial Success Event?

DAY 1: Mindset, Habits, and Emotional Control

Day One is the “Inner Game” BOOTCAMP - This life-changing workshop will immediately create the right MINDSET and emotional control required to speed up your financial success and wealth creation.

Learn the most powerful methods to train Your Brain For Peak Performance and flow required for your Financial Abundance and Faster Wealth creation

You’ll Discover and Apply:

  • Discover and apply rigorously tested, evidence based principles and techniques to eliminate any mental or emotional blockages you have.
  • Uncover and eliminate the limiting beliefs, habits, fears and any negative emotions or self-esteem issues that are subconsciously sabotaging your efforts.
  • You’ll discover powerful neuroscience based techniques that will rapidly upgrade your self-worth and 3x your self confidence
  • You'll Recognize and Release The Inner C.R.A.P That Is Now Holding You Back! – During the second half of Day One, we’ll begin addressing the C.R.A.P. – Conflicts, Resistance, Anxiety and Problems (i.e. Procrastination, Stress and Motivation). Discover the latest, easiest, fastest, and best ways to get rid of the stories and excuses that keep you stuck.

You’ll Learn exactly how to develop the right mindset and habits for maximum revenue, profit and income this year!

  • You’ll also uncover your big “why” – There are two types of why’s people have related to goals. The first level is easy to identify – “I want to earn $500,000 because then I could travel as much as I’d like and sock away a lot of money for retirement.” But there’s a bigger why in play, too … and this why is what fuels our passion and commitment. Your why might be so that you can live with total freedom. Or maybe it’s because achieving a certain income level would allow you to impact the world in a big way via charitable giving and doing.
  • You will create a step by step customized mindset and emotional mastery plan of action to apply daily when you get home
  • And Much Much More! And that’s just day 1

DAY 2: The Million Dollar Day - It's All About Action Baby!

Anyone can set financial goals. Very few people know how to achieve them. Many people are super busy- mostly doing the wrong trivial things instead of the critical things.

  • You’ll discover The 5 Pillars to Financial Success that every multi-millionaire and billionaire must have in order to reach the pinnacle of wealth.You’ll discover The 5 Pillars to Financial Success that every multi-millionaire and billionaire must have in order to reach the pinnacle of wealth.
  • Learn how to set goals and action plans that your brain will help you follow through on instead of sabotage (this alone is worth the whole price of the event.)
  • You’ll learn the “Pile vs Stream” method to wealth creation and how you can use one or both to accelerate your income and wealth by 200-500%
  • Explore the S.T.T. Method to ensure you achieve every financial goal you set no matter what obstacles are in your way.
  • "The Decisional Hierarchy System” will help you choose the best wealth creation vehicle specifically for you versus following the crowd hoping, wishing and praying that something will work. You’ll stop wasting precious time and resources on foolish ideas and on things you should not be doing. We’ll review real estate, business growth, stock market and more as options for you to consider for building your wealth.
  • For business owners...We will have a breakout session specifically for exponential business growth.
  • I’ll help you create milestone achievement marks for all aspects of your financial life so your income and revenues grow if you have a business.
  • You’ll learn 2 methods to pay off debt sooner while saving you thousands of dollars in interest so your net worth grows faster than ever before and so you’re able to save for your kids’ college education at the finest private schools.

By the time day 2 ends At Money2, you’ll have your financial freedom strategies, systems and action plans so you gain a lifestyle you’ve only dreamed about up until now.

Who Is This Money2 Event For?

Money2 is NOT for you if you’re struggling to make ends meet or if you lay awake in bed at night wondering how you’ll pay your bills this month. It’s not for you if going to the event will take food off your table or gas out of your vehicle’s gas tank.

However, Money2 is for you if you’re someone who is already doing well, but know there is a faster, smarter way to accelerate your wealth.

You’re looking for a better, faster and safer way to earn more money and accelerate your wealth.

You’re already making good money and now you want to make great money.

You want to supercharge your financial life or business…. and do it in record time.

Finally, Money2 is for you if you are ready to have more free time to do more of what you love. It’s for you if you are now ready to live life on your own terms and do what you choose.

Money2 is a Hands-On Masterclass and Workshop Unlike Any Other "Money Event" on the Planet

This is a 100% hands on, intimate gathering of people, who just like you are determined and passionate about removing obstacles and retraining your subconscious mind to work WITH you toward your greatest financial goals instead of against you.

When you leave this 2 day event you’ll walk out with the self confidence and understanding that YOU are in control – and you’ll have a personalized, rock solid plan to keep all 3 of the most important elements working in your favor.

At this event I have learned quite quickly to shift from a very negative point of view to a very positive strong point of view...I am really amazed and I recommend everyone to come here and do this.

I am super excited because I know that over the last couple days what I have learned I am going to take home and be able to 10x my income. If you have any questions about doing it, don't question it. Just do it!

PLUS When You Take Action Today,
You’ll Also Get These Exclusive Super Bonuses
(Total Value: $6,150)

3 Months with John Assaraf in our “small group” Money2 Private Online Community

To ensure that you take consistent action and maintain your momentum toward achieving your financial goals, you’ll also receive 3 months of ongoing daily support with John Assaraf in our “small group” Money2 private community

(A $4,500.00 Value)

2 Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls with John for 3 Months

Get all your questions answered about your progress, setbacks and more on these exciting and informative live calls

(A $1,500.00 Value)

Lunch is on us!

We know what a pain it can be to just be turned out into the wild for lunch at events – not this time. We’ll have some delicious food and give you even more time to interact more closely with your newfound friends and associates!

(A $100.00 Value)

Full Digital versions of all the handouts and worksheets from the event.

All editable so you’ll be able to reuse them year after year as your goals and income grow!

(A $50.00 Value)

Attend Money2 And Uncover How To Generate Significant Wealth For Yourself… Guaranteed!

At Money2 Event you get everything from the inside out. The latest and greatest methodologies for mastering your mindset and optimizing your brain for greater success. Strategies for making money in just about any niche you want and proven systems to protect your hard earned wealth.

In addition, Money2 is structured to move you into action immediately. Armed with a new mindset, skillsets and action sets you'll be ready to go the minute the event concludes.

I chose to push past my fears and come to the Money2 event. The techniquest and skills that we are learning here are not only going to secure my financial future, but propel me towards my goals and purpose. It feels like the finish line is right here.

This is absolutely mindblowing. I have a crystal clear view on how to reach my goals. It is the most powerful event I have ever seen. This is the shortcut to everything you want to reach.

The Money2 Event LASER FOCUSED on your success. Your success is our main goal.

I personally charge $25,000-$250,000 for personal consultation on these very topics – but you won’t pay that.

Your investment for this entire 2 day Power Packed event is just $3500

Intimate events like this one are magical --- you just don’t know who you will bump into in the elevator, in between sessions, in the hallway, during the break, or over the course of the weekend who could change your life, your business, or your income around forever.

Like I said before, there will be no better deal than the one you have right now. If you wait more, chances are you’ll pay more. It’s that simple. That is if the tickets don’t sell out during the early registration period. So take action.

Grab your Seat now and secure your spot while you still can.

As a result of attending this event I know that I am going to walk away with a framework to transform my personal and my financial life and to live my best life ever! Thank you John.

I am absolutely blown away with the level of information and everything I am going to be able to apply to my company to 10x it in this next year.

Here's what our clients are saying
about working with John Assaraf

John, your program absolutely works! I followed the principles you teach and immediately achieved the success I desired and believed I could achieve: $1 million increase to my net worth in less than one month! Thanks so much for helping me re-focus, re-charge the will to succeed, and for supplying me with the tools to do so in one week! This is the best program I’ve ever seen!

Scott E.

Within nine months of meeting and working with John, I doubled my income from the previous year. Within the next six months after that, I’ve doubled it again!

Michelle P.

After more than a decade in private practice, this program finally provided the “missing link’ for me to effect much faster change in my patients-and myself!

It was like I had been driving around in a Pinto and John gave me a Lamborghini.

I have attended other workshops, and, in fact, I’m scheduled to attend another “personal development” workshop later this summer. Of all that I have attended, including the one I will be going to later this summer (which I have attended before), I honestly believe that John’s workshop will be the singularly most impactful one I have or will ever attend.

Louis B.

I have had a 30% increase in my income in only 30 days!

Jorge T.

I debated for many weeks about flying all the way from London to attend your workshop in California – I had many stories in my head about why I shouldn’t attend around lack of time, money and whether or not I would learn anything new. I needn’t have worried! Within five weeks of my return to London I signed up an additional $720,000 of new business…

Tracey C.

I’ve doubled my monthly business income, have created systems and procedures in my business and have doubled my net profits. More importantly, I feel confident and certain about the journey I am on and I am enjoying my business and my work much more.

Meghan K.

I have attended many, many events and I've always gleaned information that I can put into action-some events more than others. But without a doubt, this event surpassed anything I have ever experienced it was unequivocally the best event I've ever attended!

I came home transformed and ready for action. The results are now visible in my bottom line and my expectations were exceeded.

Jeanne H.

... My income jumped by 341%!!

Michelle M.

People are flocking to me for my products and services. I am more confident, creative, energized, laser-focused, inspired and passionate about my chosen career.

Janet C.

John’s program inspired to make several key changes in my life and career. One helped me break a long-standing record for best month in sales for one of my businesses-just 60 days after the event! I highly recommend it to anyone serious about their own success and living a fabulous life.

Bob S.

The sales in our company have soared, my confidence levels have boosted and I’m growing every day, and I’m noticing an abundance of new opportunities every day. I’ve never had so much awareness in my life. If you want a solution to help you make lots of money for the rest of life, this is the program for you.

Danielle G.

I have increased my income 10X from last year!

Joe J.

After going though John’s program, we have tripled our monthly sales and are on track to explode our business beyond what we thought possible. I must say: This stuff works!! The program has paid for itself over 10 fold and will continue to as every day passes. Thanks, John, for helping us achieve what we only thought was a dream.

Brian & Paul C.

I have tripled my income in just 5 weeks, feel more confident and certain than I have ever done and have made some really exciting plans and goals for my business this year. The right people are coming in and I have I have all the right knowledge and ingredients to grow my business to the next level.

Nikki B.

Events that promise to help you increase your wealth are nothing new. But there are a few key distinctions to keep in mind as you consider whether Money2 Event is right for you…

#1 You'll get everything you need to create unstoppable financial success.

Most events teach only a portion of what you need to know. You might work on mindset, but you don't learn practical skills. More often, you learn money-making skills

... but don't cover investment or wealth protection strategies (nevermind addressing the foundational issue of mindset).

Only at Money2 Event will you master the key ingredients needed to achieve the next level of income and wealth - no matter where you're starting. And once you learn them, you'll be able to apply them again and again to continually grow your wealth.

#2 You'll learn scientifically proven, evidence-based strategies and technologies.

Neuroscientists have made amazing discoveries in the past decade about how to make our brains work better. We've learned that our brains can be retrained (no matter how old you are) - and which technologies actually work in a scientifically controlled experiments vs. which are as off-base and antiquated as bloodletting or ingesting mercury to ease constipation.

I have helped tens of thousands of clients around the world dramatically increase their personal and professional financial success, and earned millions of dollars in business revenue and personal income ourselves.

During Money2 Event, we'll compress decades of research, learning and discovery into 2 powerful, fast-paced days that will blow the lid off of whatever has been holding you back.

You'll master the inner game of wealth ... learning cutting-edge, scientifically proven technologies to shatter the limitations, beliefs, stories and excuses that are keeping you stuck ... replacing them with new beliefs and habits that will empower and enable you to your goals faster, easier and with less stress.

You'll also learn the right strategies and tactics (every single one of which is tried, tested, true and evidence based) to multiply your results faster than ever before. I've laid out exactly how to put the right systems, processes and people in place to explode your personal or business revenues and profits, keep everything running smoothly whether you're there or not, and drain away the financial stresses by skyrocketing your income in the next 12-18 months!

#3 You'll walk out the door with your personal success blueprint ready to take action.

With most events, you go home with a ton of notes and inspiring ideas about what you want to accomplish. You're excited to get started ... but first you have to take time to review what you learned. Then you have to prioritize your goals. And then figure out what to actually do.

Money2 Event is structured to move you into action immediately. Armed with a new mindset, SMART goals and a 90-day action plan ... you'll be ready to go the minute the event concludes. And you'll have access to the ongoing support you need to move through roadblocks and maintain your momentum via our online Money2 private community

Working one-on-one with me is $35,000 a day or $5000 an hour. You will gain access to me for 2 full days to pick my brain and help you leave with the exact plan for your financial success.

Invitations to this event are being sent to more than 120,000 people, and seating is limited to just 100 smart people who act fast.

To ensure that you get access to this life-changing information (which may never be repeated - I haven't decided if we'll do Money2 in 2020) ... lock in your spot now. Don't wait... now is your chance!

P.S. Remember, you're fully protected by my Unconditional "First Day" Guarantee! Participate in the first day, and if you don't agree that the event lives up to your expectations, simply notify my staff. You'll receive a full refund - no questions asked. And you'll get to keep all of the bonuses. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain - lock in your spot now.

P.P.S. In addition to making sure you have all the right strategies to implement, every human being has been conditioned by their past thoughts, beliefs and habits to earn a certain income and achieve a specific level of wealth, based on their hidden mental financial blueprint. By resetting your "Financial Thermostat" for the wealth you desire and deserve ... you can be free - faster and with less effort than ever before. Let's do this together!

Watch These Participant Reviews

"I thought it was such a fantastic event that I brought my two sons with me."

"After attending this event I feel confident that I have the skills I need to increase my income 10X."

"I expect to triple my income within the next year."

"With what I have learned here there is no doubt that I will achieve all my goals and 5x my income."

"I believe the right teacher comes at the right time. I have learned so much in the last 2 days. It’s helping me to let go of some of my old fears that have been with me forever and just know that there's another way to approach them. I am excited about what I have learned here."

"I am learning a lot at the Money2 Event. I am expecting that I am going to at least 10x my income with the information that were getting out here and I am excited to put it to work back home."

"I feel myself really energized and I can see how I have been limiting my success and now see the pathway to overcoming this and achieving more than I have ever imagined."

"At this event I have learned quite quickly to shift from a very negative point of view to a very positive strong point of view...I am really amazed and I recommend everyone to come here and do this."

Meet Your Instructor

In the last 25 years, John Assaraf has grown 5 multi-million dollar companies in real estate, Internet software, brain research and life and business coaching and consulting. He’s the author of 2 New York Times best-selling books, “Having It All” and “The Answer”. John has appeared on almost every major TV program such Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper 360 and The Ellen Degeneres Show, and was featured in the blockbuster movie and book “The Secret” and in the special documentary “Quest for Success” with the Dalai Lama and Sir Richard Branson. John is also the Founder of NeuroGym, a brain-research company that creates some of the most powerful evidence-based brain retraining tools and programs in the world.

John will share with you how to rewire your brain for massive financial success and specific ways to grow any business to have multi-million dollar revenues so you can leverage yourself to obtain wealth faster and easier than you ever imagined.