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Here are a few reasons why becoming a NeuroGym partner is one of the most profitable business decisions you could make.

  • YOU Earn 40% Per Sale. Our products range from $497 up to $8,000 so you have the chance to make some huge commissions by promoting our offers.
  • You benefit from our short sales cycle. The average sales cycle is eight days with the nearest possible sale starting in as little as 3 days. Other affiliates might not convert your prospects for weeks, but we’re always refining and testing our process so you can start making sales as quickly as possible.
  • We manage all customer service issues! You won’t have to worry about fulfillment or customer service issues. Our client care team is the best in the industry and will take care of everything so you can focus on the most important thing for your business… making as much money as possible without all the hassle.
  • We have an incredibly low refund rate. There’s nothing worse than making a ton of sales, and then watching your commissions slip away as people start refunding like crazy. Our refund rates are low because we believe in creating top of the line products that are easily consumable. Our customers are happy and you get to keep the lion’s share of your earnings.
  • You can have your very own army of affiliates working around the clock to bring you passive income. All you have to do is bring in other affiliates to our program and you’ll earn 10% on their sales - even from our high ticket products.
  • You’ll find everything you ever need to make sales inside our Partner Portal. We are constantly adding new assets to help your promotions convert. And we are always working to keep our conversion rates as high as possible by creating and testing new copy. You’ll have all the easy to use resources you need to promote our programs at your fingertips!
  • You can track your clicks, stats, sales, commissions, ledgers & more! Inside our Partner Portal, you’ll be able to quickly access all the important metrics that show you just how well our offers are performing for you.
  • We hire some of the world’s best copywriters to push our conversions as high as possible for our Partners. You can rest assured knowing that your email copy, banners, social media posts, and blog articles were written to convert and make you a ton of sales. You can access all the copy you need to be successful inside our Partner Portal.