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Here’s What’s Included In the
Complete Winning the Game of Money
Coaching & Brain Training System

Your Money Mindset

Focus on increasing your awareness of all the financial opportunities around you and gain an understanding of what “A Money Story” is and how it controls your entire relationship with money. Prime your brain with the beliefs required to achieve financial abundance or success.

Money Resonance

Begin building positive feelings toward wealth so you resonate and attract more money. Discover the seven steps to changing your Money Story, along with any deeply rooted beliefs and perceptions you have held, while reinforcing the positive beliefs from Level 1.

Empower Your Mind

Focus on the tenacity and resolve needed to achieve all of your financial and life goals, and begin taking action to change your current Money Story.

Let Go… Start Fresh

Learn to release the stories and excuses that are currently holding you back and discover the six most crucial elements to making your new Money Story stick.

Believing is Seeing

Discover how to create the “inner” mindset and subconscious success patterns so your brain automatically helps you focus on achieving greater success. Start to think and feel wealthy, so it becomes grounded in your body and emotions — and start to increase those feelings now.

Inside Out and Outside In

Discover how to reactivate your creative neurons using your imagination and higher intuitive function, so you can generate more imaginative, income generating ideas than ever before. Learn how to properly set up the nine environments that affect your success.

Level Up Your Game

This advanced level uses the “overload principle” to creatively bombard your conscious and nonconscious mind for maximum neural pattern creation, incorporating a combination of each of the previous levels’ methodologies and content. Reinforce and accelerate your new subconscious success patterns and learn to set and achieve your financial goals by using the powerful G.O.O.P. process.

Increase Momentum

Activate your “wealth mindset” with deeper brain training and learn how to maximize your personal effectiveness with training on ending self sabotaging behaviors. You’ll reinforce your conscious and nonconscious mind’s positive neural pattern to create the required mental pathways for attracting wealth.

Speed Up Success

This deep brain training accelerates the imprinting of your wealth mindset and shows you the crucial steps to achieving your financial goals vs just setting them. The gamma frequencies in this level cement the most powerful Accelerated Wealth Reprogramming content in the world into your brain. This will give you the ultimate in clarity, focus and laser-precise abilities to accomplish your financial and life goals.

Dive Deeper

Learn how to let go of any of money fears you may have and discover six proven strategies to interrupt negative thoughts and feelings as you learn to control your emotions. Release your fears, worries, anxieties or stress around money in this level by training your brain to trust your intuition.

Maximize Your Power

In this advanced level, you will learn a simple method to consciously create, impress and install updated, productive beliefs and behaviors that support abundance and wealth. Discover the C.R.A.P. board process to eliminate any conflicts, resistance, anxiety or other problems you may have.

Financial Success

Discover how to master your money focus and learn how to become an Automatic Millionaire using the powerful process created by New York Times bestselling author David Bach. You will reinforce your ability to choose a financial target and follow through to its achievement.

Upgrade Your Skills and Knowledge with These Training Videos

The Million Dollar
Success Library

Gain access to some of the world’s greatest minds and experts who will teach you the best of what they have learned about achieving success and an exceptional life. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours by accessing exactly what works and learning what doesn’t.

  • Learn to set and achieve your goals
  • Learn how to double or triple your income
  • Discover the best ways to guarantee you’ll retire rich and comfortable
  • Learn how to use stress as a tool to achieve more success
  • Learn to manage your emotions and be in total control of your life
  • Discover the secrets to having total balance in your life
  • Learn how to easily increase your productivity by 3-5 times
  • Plus so much more…

Even at the full price of $6,997 this is a steal because if you total up the time of all the experts, and multiply that by their hourly rate, this would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You’ll discover little-known investing strategies, emotional management techniques, how to achieve optimal health and wellness, how to give yourself permission to be happy, relationship models for maximum happiness and much more! It’s like getting a university level education from dozens of experts with real-world experience as coaches and trainers. You will be amazed at the content in here because the calibre of the experts surpasses anything you can find pretty much anywhere else.

3 6 Months of Daily VIP
Coaching & Support

You’ll receive daily motivation and training to help you apply what you learn and stay on track. This exclusive community is the only way to get direct group coaching from John Assaraf and Mark Waldman and the rest of the NeuroGym team. We’ll help you get and stay focused on achieving your biggest goals and dreams.

Imagine having a group of people, on the same path as you, who will support you, lift you up, encourage you and give you guidance. Then imagine this group is always there for you, and always ready to listen to whatever challenge you have in your life. Imagine, you getting a chance to share your wisdom with others who love and appreciate you.

That’s exactly what you will get inside the Daily VIP Coaching & Support community.

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You’ll Get Access to These Bonuses

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The Five Pillars of Financial Success

Financial success means lots of different things. For some it means having the freedom to go on vacation whenever you want, to travel the world in style while growing your wealth. For others, financial success can mean having enough to make ends meet without worry, and removing the fear of retirement that keeps so many people working longer and harder than they should.

It all depends which stage of your financial life you are in. The Five Pillars of financial success training videos features hours of video content designed to help you assess your current financial situation, and determine the best next steps to move you towards getting out of debt, earning more, managing better and investing wisely. And once you reach the success you desire, learn how to protect your wealth.

Learn the mindset and specific step-by-step strategies and tactics you need to get out of debt fast, earn more money, manage it better and invest and protect your wealth so you can retire rich and happy. All this and more in these 5 video training programs.

Expert Bonuses

Two Tickets to Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder® LIVE Event
With Mary Morrissey

Value: $1,179

Stress 360 Training & Assessment
With Dr. Heidi Hanna

Value: $297

3 Creative Brain States to Unleash Your Financial Success
With Dr. Shelly Carson

Value: $297

Choosing The R.I.G.H.T. Goals
With Jeff Spencer

Value: $297

Refire To Rewire: Proven Techniques to Upgrade Your Brain
With Dr. Sarah McKay

Value: $297

The Untapped Power of You (Audio Series)
With Dr. Srini Pillay

Value: $297

Self-Sabotage: Taming Your Inner Critic
With Dr. Mark Waldman

Value: $297

Money²: The Art & Science of
Financial Success

Money²: The Art & Science of
Financial Success

When you pay in full today, you will also receive access to video recordings of an event participants paid $5,000 to attend. The caliber of the speakers at this event was mind-blowing. They shared principles, techniques, strategies and lessons normally only reserved for the super-rich. And you cannot buy or gain access to this recording anywhere except here.

Here’s a tiny taste of what you’ll discover inside:

  • How to create financial milestones so you can measure and track your net worth growing faster than ever before
  • Key Strategies for massive business growth and building an amazing culture- from a woman who runs a billion-dollar company
  • How to make a fortune in the stock market with low-cost options (These strategies have generated 10,000% return in 5 months
  • How to create wealth like a billionaire (from a man who’s been called “The Billionaire Whisperer”)
  • An amazing and effective way to raise private capital for your business deals or real estate investments
  • The smartest 3 ways to grow any business (useful even if you don’t own your own business)
  • How to understand the hidden numbers of day trading and stock investing from a man who has managed hedge funds for 38 years
  • How to be successful at trading and never lose money
  • How to raise private capital with no risk, no reputation and no collateral (Even millions of dollars)
  • How to scale up to $800 million a year and over 2 million customers a year, from a woman who has 30 years of franchise experience and 1,600 locations around the world
  • And much, much more…

Winning the Game of Money
Brain Training System

12 Level Innercise Brain Train System $1497

The Million Dollar Success Training Library $5000

3 Months Daily VIP Group Coaching $2500

Act Now Bonus 1: 3 MORE Months Daily VIP Group Coaching $2500

Act Now Bonus 2: The Five Pillars of Financial Success $1497

Act Now Bonus 3: Brain-A-Thon Expert Bonuses $2979

FAST ACTION Bonus: Money² $3500


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What Past Winning the Game of Money Clients Are Saying

I started the WTGM program after quitting my job. I was stuck at the same income level for quite a while, and in less than 6 months, I was able to double my salary to a 6-figure income which I have sustained for the past year.
I just wanted to say this stuff works.

-Pri Yadav, San Jose, CA

As I start week 12 of WTGM, I have almost tripled my income. Not an exaggeration. I am now much clearer about what I want, and am taking action towards structuring my business to reflect that.

-Melanie Milletics, Tampa, FL

Since doing the Winning the Game of Money, my coaching business has increased significantly. Now I'm doing almost as many individual sessions as I want to per week. My investment into WTGM more than pays for itself every week!

-Steven Keller, Austin, TX

A few years ago, everything started to crumble in my life. I got divorced, lost my job, my house, and had no source of income. Within 24 months of using the WTGM program, I went from $50,000 to $250,000 a year and now I’m living the life of my dreams.
Thank you so much!

-Julie Zanforlin, La Serena, Chile

As a board certified Ob/Gyn Medical Dr., I never thought that money would be a stressor until I decided to venture out on my own and start a private non-insurance practice. Medicine was not "fun" anymore and I needed to extract myself from the insurance company racket and regain my passion for women's health.
Initially, I struggled but then I found NeuroGym and the WTGM program. My attitude towards success and earning the income I wanted took a massive 180 turn. My income doubled, I was able to vacation and take groups of women to Tuscany, Italy and enjoy the true taste of life.
Through working with John and his program, I released my negative thoughts, patterns and excuses. Everyday while driving to and from work, I listen to my recorded affirmations on health and financial abundance, as recommended in the program.
I now honestly say that I am living my life by design and not by default!"

-Diana Hoppe, M.D., Encinitas, CA

Last November when I started with the WTGM program, I wasn't even sure that I would be able to make my payments. Now, I’ve more than doubled my income, paid off my car, and built a comprehensive online program for weight loss with a friend.

-Anja L. van Offern, Birkenhelde, Germany

Working at my corporate workplace stressed me out to the bone. Since I quit my job and started my LLC, I've just truly fallen in LOVE with my LIFE and my opportunities seem LIMITLESS. Thank you, John Assaraf and team!

-Beatrix C.n, Sunny Isles Beach, FL



With Bonus Content Included!

You Save More Than 95% Off the Retail Price of


PayPal Credit - No Payments, No
Interest for 6 months

Pay Nothing Today - Get Access Today

Qualified USA Residents Only

It's easy! Watch this video to lean how it works.