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Hang Out (in person) with John Assaraf (Value: $50,000)

  • Airfare for one to San Diego, CA
    We’ll fly you out from anywhere in the U.S. to come to the NeuroGym headquarters in San Diego, CA for an office tour and head out for a private dinner with John Assaraf.
  • Two-night hotel stay for one in San Diego, CA
    We’ll put you up for two nights while you’re in town meeting John and the rest of the team at NeuroGym.
  • Dinner with John Assaraf in San Diego, CA
    You and John will sit down for a private dinner, and in addition to getting consulting on any topics you choose… John will pick up the tab!
  • Access to the following flagship NeuroGym programs:
    • Winning The Game Of Money
    • Winning The Game Of Fear
    • Winning The Game Of Weight Loss
    • Having It All
    • Cloning of Business Success
    • Daily VIP Group Coaching & Support for 6 months
    • The Success Manifestors Program
    • Values Based Living
    • How To Get More Done In Less Time
    (see program details below)


Private Coaching With John (Value: $20,000)

  • A two-hour private phone consultation with John Assaraf: During this special two-hour private consulting session, you’ll receive specific guidance that will help you solve problems or review opportunities in your life or business... so you achieve your greatest goals and dreams faster and easier than ever before. John normally charges $5,000/hour for private one-on-one consulting, and you’ll get two hours of uninterrupted one-on-one time with him as part of this package.
  • Access to NeuroGym’s flagship programs (see program details below)


Library of NeuroGym’s Flagship Programs (Value: $10,000)

  • Access to NeuroGym’s flagship programs
    Click on each program to learn a little about it!
Transform your life by helping you rescript your beliefs, your habits, your emotions, your perceptions, your clarity, your confidence and your certainty.
Overcome debilitating fears, emotions, doubts, anxieties, stress or worries. You will develop unstoppable confidence and the beliefs and habits to quickly achieve your goals and live the life you deserve.
Develop powerful daily habits that will ultimately guide your thoughts, choices and behaviors every day/ every week and every month towards your ultimate weight, fat, body, and health goals.
Discover the natural laws that will make it easier than ever before as you retrain the way you think, act, and achieve.
Proven Business Growth Process and Exact Strategies That You Can “Clone” To Grow Your Business Easier, Faster and Smarter Than Ever Before.
Exclusive community access & access to daily group coaching & support.
Learn success secrets from 21 of John's closest advisors and genius friends.
Learn how make your daily decisions and align all your actions with your highest, most important values so you can live on purpose and with the most meaning as possible.
Learn how to be 3-5 times more productive in less than 2 weeks by focusing on your high impact activities and high revenue generating activities vs. the trivial many things that eat away your time and energy.