John Assaraf

John is one of the leading behavioral and mindset experts in the world with a unique ability for helping people release the mental and emotional obstacles that prevents them from achieving their very best. In the last 10 years, he has written 2 New York Times Bestselling books, appeared on Larry King Live 8 times and has been featured in the Blockbuster movies âThe Secretâand âQuest For Successâ with Sir Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama. He has built 5 multi-million dollar companies including Re/Max of Indiana to $4.5 billion in yearly sales and completed a highly successful IPO on NASDAQ with Today he is CEO of NeuroGym, which develops some of the most advanced brain retraining programs in the world to help individuals and corporations maximize their fullest potential.

Andy Jedynak

An Internet product and marketing expert, Andy Jedynakâs background includes executive leadership and board roles at high growth B2B and B2C companies. Previously, Andy was CEO of Poptent, a global video crowdsourcing company, board member and CEO of Proximic, a Silicon Valley internet technology company, and President and Chief Marketing Officer at KidZui, the Internet for Kids. Jedynak was also Chief Marketing Officer at WeatherBug (Earth Networks, Inc.), where he became an early pioneer and industry leader in the app and mobile space, leading the growth of WeatherBug from a concept to one of the top digital properties worldwide. In the 1990's Andy worked at NBC within a number of disciplines, including sales, marketing, producing television, and Internet. As Manager of New Media at NBC San Diego, he proposed, developed and directed what was considered NBC's most profitable local Internet business, as well as launched's San Diego news initiative. Jedynak has been active in the Internet world since before the web became a reality. He is chairman emeritus of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mobile committee, and has been published many times in Internet industry publications, covering issues relating to media convergence, online advertising and marketing, mobile, and Internet applications. He has spoken about the evolution of Internet and Internet business at events in the US and abroad, such as Internet World, IAB, ANA, OPA, Digital Hollywood, OMMA and iMedia. In the mid-1980âs he was Editor in Chief of Informative Networks on Computers, an online and print publication that focused on and predicted the evolution of Internet as a new mass medium. Jedynak later graduated from the University of California with an emphasis in communication and computer science. Before beginning his career in media and technology, Jedynak played professional basketball in Europe.

Preston Stapley

As Senior Director of Operations, Preston is instrumental in ensuring organizational effectiveness across all the department of the company.  He has a unique combination of skills with a background that includes a B.A. in Accounting, experience as an Internal Auditor, owner of his own online marketing company, and was responsible for handling the marketing and operational accounts of many of the top online marketers of the world. Preston is considered one of the top experts in the world of the sales and marketing automation software tool Infusionsoft, which is used as the backbone of our company.

Dave Seymour

Dave Seymour, Finance: Dave brings more than twenty years of business experience with a focus on the operational and financial management function to the team at NeuroGym. He combines cross-functional experience in Strategic Planning and Leadership, Marketing and Business Development, and Finance. Prior to NeuroGym, Dave was a Senior Vice President with Technology Assurance Group, VP Finance & Administration with a TaylorMade Golf licensee, and held several leadership roles with TaylorMade-adidas Golf, a $2.0 billion revenue market leader in Golf. He has a BS degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly â San Luis Obispo.

Chris Arens

Usually, when someone says "that guy wrote the book on advertising," it's just flattery. When they say it about Chris, it's an observation: Contemporary Advertising, which Chris co-authored, is one of the leading college-level Advertising texts. Heâs currently working on the 15th edition. In addition to his theoretical know-how, Chris brings more than 18 years of practical advertising and marketing experience to NeuroGym. He has served in such positions as Managing Director at iMedia, Partner at Catalyst S+F, President at MindTime Technologies, and VP, Digital Strategy at DraftFCB. In his consulting days, Chris has worked on such clients as Motorola, RadioShack,, Electronic Arts, EarthLink, AT&T, Taco Bell, Levi's,, AAA, Microsoft, Avaya, Progressive insurance and more. He's also been a successful entrepreneur. In 2006, he helped start a mobile advertising ad network called Ad Infuse, helping to raise close to $20 million. Chris continues to advise digital media start-ups. He's also an active leader in the digital marketing community, frequently hosting and speaking at industry events.

Scott Bertone

Scott brings to our team his experience in technology, business, politics, finance, and coaching.  As a young man, he worked his way through college as a Network Operator maintaining computer systems for hotel reservation systems, rental car companies, and travel agents.   This experience gave him the opportunity to explore networking, programming, computers, and the Internet several years before the .com revolution. After college, he worked on President Clinton's National re-election campaign as member of the âPresidents Advance Teamâ, Directed the creation and implementation of the âTechnology Playgroundâ interactive exhibit on the National Mall for The Clinton-Gore Presidential Inaugural Committee, and was one of ten people selected by the President as a White House Defense Fellow assigned to the Pentagon. Scott has founded and served on the board for companies in the world of technology, finance, and personal development holds a B.S. in Business Management, an M.A. is Spiritual Psychology, a Certification in Soul Centered Professional Coaching, and has completed countless hours of training in international affairs, political studies, marketing, communications, finance, and real estate.

Ronn Kilby

Ronn Kilby has more than 3 decades experience in TV, working for 6 stations around the country as art director, writer/producer, and senior creative director -- ending up at the NBC owned station in San Diego, where he was Manager of Advertising & Promotion. After 12 years at KNSD, he left at the end of 2004 to start his own boutique production house.  Ronn earned a B.S. from Regents College, University of the State of New York, and an A.A.S. in Media Advertising Arts from TCC in Portsmouth, Virginia, where he also taught photography for 7 years.


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NeuroGym is creating brain transforming technology, products and services to help individuals and corporations maximize their performance and potential.


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NeuroGym is a company designed to help people achieve mental and emotional mastery. Through the aggregation of the World’s best neuroscience research and information NeuroGym is uniquely positioned to create predictable transformation in the lives of our customers. This allows individuals to achieve what they once thought was impossible. Through the combination of scientifically proven methodologies and modern technology, NeuroGym is ushering in a new era of mental fitness – what we call Innercising®. Founded in 2011, and guided by our advisory board of neuroscientists, psychologists, medical doctors and researchers, NeuroGym applies the science of brain neuroplasticity and behavioral psychology to commercially available products. To read more on the science behind our Innercising® methods, click here.